Citi AAdvantage Platinum Card Featured Karl Shakur

Post: Production and Location Management

We teamed up with Karl shakur the adventure photographer on this project to promote the Citibank American Airlines credit card. Karl Shakur second stop was in Hong Kong, which allowed us to have the privilege to work with Karl Shakur at selected cityscapes throughout the Kowloon and Hong Kong Island side.  Hong Kong’s compact geography, packed buildings, narrow streets and densely populated areas make backdrops unlike anywhere in the world.  However each street has both written and unwritten rules that need to be addressed before shooting can begin.  For example, the frames with the multi-coloured neon lights were shot in a shady area on the Kowloon side known for its questionable businesses.  Without local knowledge about areas throughout Hong Kong, projects could be at risk from additional factors that you could never have anticipated for.  For physical issues, neon light street signs turn off every night at a specific time and therefore knowledge of specific times for specific street signs is required.  For this project, we were able to utilise a Chinese Junk as well as an Electric tram, both which are iconic to Hong Kong.  We needed only key crew members on board for these two shots and therefore exclusively chartered both for this project.  For street shots, knowledge in crowd control and specific times of the day are needed to navigate the streets of Hong Kong and to yield the shots that the directors were looking for.