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Sunset in Macau

Hong Kong Film Locations

Offices of a world class city

Hong Kong Film Locations

Modern Retro Hong Kong residence

Hong Kong Film Locations

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Macau’s Film Locations

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Hong Kong Film Locations

Hong Kong rustic sidewalk cafe


Location Managing


With over 15 years of experience in the Hong Kong and Macau film and television industry, Twenty2 Production is your best choice for both location and production management.  By sharing with you our extensive location archive, we help directors turn their full creative visions into reality.  Through strong relationships and connections with local contractors and businesses, and being well versed in laws and regulations pertaining to specific shooting locations, Twenty2 Productions can fully manage your schedule to ensure your project is a completed to its full potential.

Location Scouting


We know it is much more than just finding the right location to match your storyboard.  Our work with Directors, Art Directors and DOPs from all over the world has inspired us to see through their eyes and therefore our experienced team members are fluent in matching well-managed locations that answer a wide range of mood and tones as well as the physicality for all special camera angles.  Twenty2 Production is much more than just finding aesthetically suitable locations.  We help you set your stage so that you can show the world your vision.

Production Service


At Twenty2 Production, we coordinate the physical so you can fully focus on your creative vision.  Twenty2 Production is fluent in helping international crews and companies find the right locations for their visual productions in Hong Kong and Macau.  Through years of experience cooperating with international partners from all over the world, we have developed an inclusive production service platform with the aims to make your project run smoothly.  Whether your project is video blogging, film, commercials or stills, our knowledge and management of Hong Kong and Macau locations will ensure your project reaches its highest potential.


Samsung Galaxy S9 - Jet Lag

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Jet Lag

Cartier New Tank - Andy Lau

Cartier New Tank - Andy Lau

La Roche-Posay

​La Roche-Posay

Standard Charter Bank

Standard Charter Bank - 中小企業理財

Carlsberg Taxi


Planet J - Macau

Planet J - Macau